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 Who is behind the recall?

Recall Ravitch, the "organization" behind this petition has just one funding source: millionaire developer William Gallaher.  On September 3rd 2020, Gallaher-controlled corporations agreed to 3rd party oversight and fines of $500,000 related to the abandonment of dozens of seniors at the Villa Capri senior care facility during the 2017 Tubbs Fire.  Who led the investigation?  Jill Ravitch.  Gallaher launched "Recall Ravitch" just 7 weeks later.

Who is funding the recall?

Just William Gallaher.  Through attorneys in Sacramento, Gallaher has insisted that court rulings like Citizens United allow him to ignore Sonoma County campaign contribution limits and spend an unlimited amount of money to get his revenge recall on the ballot. While Gallaher has already spent more than $750,000, ultimately taxpayers will foot the bill for a special election, costing as much as $900,000.

How were signatures collected?

False and misleading statements as well as fabricated lies were used by the paid signature gatherers for the Gallaher-funded effort. Most, if not all, of the signature gatherers were from outside of Sonoma County, and they were paid the extraordinarily high bounty of $10 per signature. They seemed willing to say anything for their pay.  

What do voters think?

According to a recent poll, Sonoma County voters overwhelmingly reject Gallaher's attempt to recall DA Ravitch.  When asked if a vote were held today, only 15% of voters support Gallaher’s attempt to recall our District Attorney.  Voters overwhelmingly agreed (72%) that, “recalls should not be used by a wealthy defendant to get revenge on public law enforcement.”


Voters Opposed to Recalling
District Attorney Jill Ravitch
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