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Fight back against big money in local politics and help STOP a BULLY
District Attorney Jill Ravitch is under attack and nothing short of the independence of the Sonoma County’s DA’s office is at stake. We are Voters Opposing Recalling District Attorney Jill Ravitch, a public campaign to fight back against this misguided revenge recall. A lone millionnaire may be allowed to single-handedly fund a recall attempt, but no one should be left to die in a wildfire to accommodate corporate greed. Our thousands of supporters agree that this recall of our independent, publicly elected District Attorney must be stopped. Will you join us?
$108,702.00 of $130,000.00


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Voters Opposed to Recalling
District Attorney Jill Ravitch
FPPC ID#: 1436532

422 Larkfield Center #141
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
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