鶹ý Public Schools and the 鶹ý Education Association (BEA) recognize the importance of effective implementation of inclusionary instructional practices and consistent guidance for student behavior through all schools in the district. To that end, the parties shall convene a joint task force in the 2021-22 school year charged with the purpose of studying and developing standards to facilitate meaningful professional development for certificated staff.

Basis for Establishment

Upon ratification of the 2020-23 contractual agreement between the BEA and the school district, a representative of the BEA and the Deputy Superintendent shall meet to identify membership, meeting dates for 2021-24 and an agenda outline for the process and outcomes associated with each meeting.

Decision-Making Process

  • The committee will work from evidence in law and in research on culturally responsive student engagement strategies that can guide the work of individual teachers, teacher teams, school staff, and the district as a whole.
  • The committee will work from evidence to discuss the nature and quality of systemwide expectations, norms and commitments concerning classroom inclusion, exclusion, referrals and restorative practices in guiding decisions regarding student conduct.
  • The committee decisions shall be made via a process of consensual dialogue, informed by the ongoing work of the school district. Any recommendations for changes to district policy will be advisory in nature.

Plan of Work

The committee will convene initially in the fall of 2021, and hold a series of foundational meetings that will review the current law and research-based practices in guiding student conduct.

The committee will delve into areas such as the following:

  • Effective implementation of culturally responsive student engagement strategies;
  • Changes in state law regarding exclusionary practices and how such changes can be effectively communicated and implemented in schools;
  • Consistent, system-wide expectations, norms and commitments concerning classroom inclusion, exclusion, referrals and restorative responses in guiding student conduct;
  • State law and best practices for restraint of students;
  • State law and best practices for annual building-level conversations to support cooperative and consistent enforcement of appropriate student behavior throughout each school and classroom; and
  • Guidance to inform district-wide decision-making regarding appropriate professional development to support this work.

Meeting Dates

The committee will meet quarterly beginning in the fall of 2021; additional meetings may be added/scheduled based on consensus of group discussion.

Members will need to be available from 4-5:30 p.m. on the following meeting dates:





鶹ý Public Schools and the BEA will each appoint a co-chair to lead the task force and such additional members as the parties determine would be helpful to the work of the committee.

  • Marty Atkins, Principal, 鶹ý High School
  • Alli Chryst, Principal, Shuksan Middle School
  • Michael Copland, Deputy Superintendent, Co-Chair
  • Nick Hayes, Principal, Happy Valley Elementary School
  • Gabriella Mednick, Teacher, Cordata Elementary
  • Jennifer Newbauer, Counselor, Kulshan Middle School
  • Kristin O’Malley, Teacher, 鶹ý High School
  • Lisa Peterson, BEA President, Co-Chair
  • Russ Robinson, Safety and Security Supervisor
  • Courtney Ross Webb, Principal, Wade King Elementary School
  • Keith Schacht, Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Janis Velasquez Farmer, Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Brooke Wertz, Teacher, Options High School


To study and develop recommendations for implementation of best practices in guiding student conduct, and associated professional development, for the employees of the 鶹ý Public Schools.


Committee to meet at least quarterly (and more frequently as needed) to provide ongoing oversight, guidance and direction for professional learning efforts in the 鶹ý Public Schools.

Budget Implications

Costs associated with the provision of substitutes for teacher representatives, if meetings occur during the school day.