When will the testing results be available?

Once testing is completed for all referred elementary, middle, and high school students, the tests are scored by an external agency. The scored tests, along with other data points such as state and district assessments included in the portfolio of qualifications, are reviewed by a multidisciplinary selection team as required by law. Final decisions about qualification will be emailed to families after the multidisciplinary team meets and reviews portfolios.

How do I refer a student for highly capable services?

To refer a student for assessment, please visit the referral section of our website and complete the online student information/referral form.

Do I need to refer my second grader?

No. All second graders in 鶹ý Public Schools will be given an aptitude screener. Some students will be invited to take the full assessment after the multidisciplinary team reviews screener scores and other measures of data.

My student was referred in the past and was not eligible for highly capable services, can I refer them again?

Students who have not been previously identified for HCL services in 鶹ý Public Schools may be referred once every two school years.

My student qualified in one area. May I refer them to be tested again for another area?

The identification process is rigorous and the multidisciplinary team looks at data points in all academic areas. Because of the careful data review process, additional referrals will not be accepted.

My student was referred by a teacher or community member; do I need to do anything else?

The school district must have parent or guardian permission before a student can be assessed for Highly Capable services (WAC 392-170-047). To give permission, complete the permission form for your student and sign where indicated at the bottom of the form granting permission for the district to assess your student and compile a portfolio of qualifications. You may also choose to decline to have your student assessed.

Does my student need to retest every year?

No. Once identified, a student remains identified as Highly Capable at each grade level unless they leave the schools district.

My student received HCL services, left the school district and is now returning. Do we need further assessment or referral?

No. Please let us know if you are returning to the district and we will reenroll your student in the areas previously qualified.

Can students be exited from Highly Capable?     

Yes. A student may be exited from Highly Capable at any time by parent or guardian request.

I am transferring into 鶹ý Public Schools next year; can I refer my student for testing now?

We can only assess students who are currently attending 鶹ý Public Schools. Transfer students may be referred when they begin attending and will be assessed during the next available testing window.  If your child is currently receiving Highly Capable/Gifted services and they transfer to 鶹ý Public Schools, please let our office know when you register your child.

My student attends a local private school; may I refer them for Highly Capable assessment in 鶹ý Public Schools?

We can only assess students who are currently attending 鶹ý Public Schools.

If I would like to speak to someone about my child’s specific needs as a student identified Highly Capable, who do I contact?

For questions pertaining to the identification process, qualifying conditions and the district approach to Highly Capable, you are always welcome to contact one of the directors, HCL liaison, or administrative assistant for Highly Capable. If the questions are specific to your child’s experience, you will first want to collaborate with your child’s teacher(s). If speaking to the teacher doesn’t appear to meet the needs of your child, please request a meeting with both the teacher and the principal. If, at that point, you feel additional collaboration is necessary, you may contact the District Office.


Rayna Brandon

HCL Liaison