The safety and security of all 鶹ý Public School students and staff is our highest priority. We use the from the I Love You Guys Foundation, and our schools conduct regular safety drills so students and staff are familiar with each of the five safety protocols: Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate, and Shelter in Place.

To report information regarding threats, rumors, criminal activity, etc. you can use our Safe Schools Alert line (844) 310-9560 or .

What should families do in the case of a school emergency?

An emergency is a sudden, unexpected, or dangerous situation that requires immediate action.

In an emergency, the district will quickly communicate out to families with updates on the situation and instructions for families. Please be sure your contact information is updated and current in . When families hear of a situation at a school, their first reaction may be to rush to the school to pick up their child, but please avoid doing this in an emergency. Doing so can severely impede the access and assistance of first responder agencies aiding the school. We know it is difficult, but please wait for further communication from the school on the status of the emergency and actions you should take next.

How do we prepare for emergencies at school?

We all share the responsibility of preparing our young people on how to respond in an emergency. The response to a safety situation depends on the impact the emergency may have on the people or facilities involved. Students and staff practice five standard response protocols that provide a structure for most safety situations.

The following response protocols are prominently posted in schools and are practiced throughout the school year. Practicing response protocols helps students and staff learn consistent, clear, shared language and actions. We encourage families to review these protocols and talk as a family about the importance of practicing safety protocols.

Keith Schacht
Director of Teaching and Learning

Russ Robinson
School Safety Supervisor

Trista Moreno
Administrative Assistant