There are 14 elementary schools in 鶹ý, all with full-day kindergarten programs. Kindergarten registration begins in March every year.

Children must be 5 before Sept. 1 to attend kindergarten. Kindergarten tours and open houses begin in May. Locate your neighborhood school.

Kindergarten Registration

To register your child for school, please complete our process.

What your need for registration:

  • Your child’s birth certificate or other official verification of age such as a passport, visa or  DSHS Medicaid Voucher.
  • Proof of residency (your address); acceptable proof includes government issued documents, lease or rental agreement, and/or utility bills.
  • Medically-verified immunization records. Please note: most children vaccinated in Washington state already have their vaccination information in the Washington State Immunization Information System (IIS), which our school district can access to track and manage student- and school-level immunization information. You can also access your child’s records by using . Learn more about immunization requirements at our immunization webpage.

Kindergarten First Day of School

This page will be updated when the 2024-25 calendar has been finalized.

Why Full-Time Kindergarten?

We offer a full-time kindergarten program at all elementary schools at no cost to district families. Students attend kindergarten on the regular elementary school schedule, five days a week from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Watch our Welcome to Kindergarten video below for more information.


Before a student can attend school, parents must provide proof of full immunization, proof that a schedule of immunization has been started or a certificate of exemption. Immunization must be provided against diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, polio, mumps, measles, rubella, hepatitis B and varicella.

Immunizations protect the health of your child, and the health of others. State law requires that children entering kindergarten must have certain immunizations. For kindergarten entry:

  • 2 doses of Varicella (Chickenpox) given on or after first birthday and received at least 28 days apart OR Blood test (titer) showing immunity to Varicella OR health care provider diagnosis is acceptable. Parent reported history of disease is NO longer acceptable
  • 5 doses of DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) Fifth dose must be given on or after fourth birthday or 4 doses are acceptable, if fourth dose was given on or after the fourth birthday.
  • 4 doses of Polio – Fourth dose must be given on or after fourth birthday or 3 doses are acceptable, if third dose was given on or after the fourth birthday.
  • 2 doses of MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) given on or after first birthday and received at least 28 days apart or blood test (titer) showing immunity to Measles, Mumps, or Rubella is acceptable
  • 3 doses of Hepatitis B; dose 3 must be given on or after 24 weeks of age.

Early Entrance to Kindergarten & Promise Kindergarten

If your child’s fifth birthday falls after August 31 and you are interested in having your child evaluated for early entrance to kindergarten to attend school in the fall, please view our early entrance policy,procedureԻform(form in Spanish).  When applying for early entrance, please complete the Parent Questionnaire and have your child’s current preschool or childcare teacher complete this form,Teacher Questionnaire. Return both questionnaires and the early entrance application (3111F) to the District Office. You may also apply online.  Applications are due by May 1. Assessments and evaluations for early entrance occur in May.

Promise K(indergarten)
About Promise K
Promise K is a transitional kindergarten program for 4-year-olds who do not have access to high-quality early learning experiences.

Children may enter Promise K based on ability and/or need, such as, social emotional or developmental needs.

Promise K is one of many early learning programs in our community. For more information about community programs, please visit our early learning community partners web page or contact Gladys Serrano.

Apply Now to Promise K
To apply and learn more about qualifications, please click here to visit the Promise K application web page.

School entrance for children older than 5

 recommends that school districts use a student’s age as the primary determinant of the grade in which they will enter school. Children who are older than 5 before August 31 and are entering school for the first time will generally be placed with their age cohort. For example, a student who is 6 will generally enter school in first grade, even if they have not attended kindergarten. This placement aligns with research and best practices for children’s social and emotional development, both in early elementary school and throughout their school career. Additional information about individual children may be considered in partnership with school leadership, early childhood personnel and the child’s family. Please contact your school’s principal if you have questions about your child’s placement

Ideas for you and your child to explore:

  • Play board games with your child to practice taking turns.
  • Visit the local library.
  • Set up several play dates this summer.
  • Visit your child’s school playground and practice playing on the equipment and following rules such as ‘slides are for going down.’
  • Have your child practice following one-step and two-step directions. This could easily be done by making lunch together, or having them pick up their toys.
  • Read to your child for a combined total of at least 20 minutes a day.
  • Draw together, allowing your child time to practice using different tools (crayons, markers, pencils, side walk chalk).
  • Have your child practice writing their name multiple ways (with playdough, using a stick in the dirt/sand, in shaving cream, using side walk chalk, or on paper for example).
  • Have your child practice sorting objects around the house, this is especially fun while doing chores together (sort clothes, silverware, their toys).
  • While driving in the car or shopping in a grocery store, notice letters, numbers, colors on signs, or in the objects around them.
  • Practice counting to 20 while taking a walk or driving in the car.
  • Count objects together. Count everything in and out of the home. While collecting rocks is especially fun!
  • Engage in pretend play together. For example, use a plain cardboard box to go on an adventure to the moon!
  • Visit local parks and beaches and take time to notice the amazing wonders nature has to offer.
  • Provide plenty of opportunity to allow your child to engage in free play both inside and outside the house on a daily basis.

Contact Gladys Serrano 360-676-6488.

View our Promise K video below.

Need help with registering?

Visit your neighborhood school for assistance and/or consult the online resources below.

How to Register Online


Si quiere ayuda en español, llame y deje un mensaje al 360-676-6456.