The 鶹ý Promise commits to developing students who are “healthy and active individuals.” The food served in schools, food education for students, physical education classes and physical activity opportunities are all critical to honoring this commitment.

The Wellness office strives to build coordination among food and nutrition services, physical education, health education and services, counseling and behavioral support, healthy school environment, health promotion for staff and family and community engagement.

The Good Food Promise Implementation Committee was convened in 2017 to advise the implementation of the Good Food Promise and support farm to school and food education efforts in schools. The committee has worked hard to establish guidelines for celebrations and fundraisers in schools to help standardize areas where food is served in schools.

Wellness Policy Assessment: It is required by OSPI that districts assess progress made toward attaining wellness policy goals every three years. In Dec. 2019, we completed the Wellness School Assessment Tool () to assess our progress and compliance in relation to a model wellness policy and best practices.


For information regarding sexual health education, please visit our health education curriculum page.