• Implement and report out on progress of goals within the 5-year Climate Action Plan: Toward a Sustainable and Resilient 鶹ý Public Schools.

Basis for Establishment: 

  • To continue the work initiated by the Sustainability Task Force of 2022 and the work of the 2022-23 Sustainability Advisory Committee.
  • To align 鶹ý Public Schools with community efforts to address the climate crisis, including the City of 鶹ý Climate Action Plan.
  • The Washington State Superintendent has established Integrated Environmental and Sustainability Learning Standards for K-12. Environmental education is a mandatory area of study in Washington, required by WAC 392-410-115.

Decision-Making Process: 

  • The Advisory Committee will utilize processes of consensus and input/feedback. We will engage in clear communication among team members and with stake holders regarding the work.
  • The group will be a recommending body to the superintendent.

Plan of Work:

  • The Advisory Committee will hear about progress toward Climate Action Plan goals and engage in projects happening throughout the district


Members from the Sustainability Advisory Committee in the 2022-23 school year have the option to remain on committee in 2023-24.


  • Jessica Sankey, Executive Director of Operations
  • Mark Peterson, Director of Facilities & Sustainability


  • Gretchen Pflueger, Special Projects Manager and Grant Writer
  • Bill Palmer, Director of Teaching & Learning
  • Mike Copeland, Deputy Superintendent
  • Cindy Dennis, Director of Transportation
  • Patrick Durgan, Executive Chef & Director of Food Services
  • Curtis Lawyer, Director of Capital Projects
  • Janis Velasquez-Farmer, Director of EDI
  • Margaret Gude, Communications Specialist
  • Amanda Ingram, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Sam Stoner, Middle School Teacher
  • Malory Lahti, Head Custodian, Sehome High School
  • Carissa Jangard, Principal, Carl Cozier Elementary
  • Mylo Allen, Elementary School Teacher
  • Lindsay MacDonald, High School Teacher
  • Kerry Hermann, Elementary School Teacher
  • Andrea Reiter, Community Member
  • Gagandeep Kaur, Sustainability Fellow
  • Priscilla Brotherton, RE Sources, Sustainable Schools
  • Sam Humphreys, Peak Sustainability
  • Joshua Cloud, OAC
  • CJ Huxford, Northwest Rain Solutions
  • Zack Wopat, BPS Alumni
  • Emily Larson-Kubiak, Sustainable Connections
  • Laura Johanson, Community Member
  • Grace Wang, WWU


  • Attend all Advisory Committee meetings and engage in reflective conversations
  • Participate in educational activities and readings
  • Gather and share feedback from stakeholder groups
  • Interact collaboratively and respectfully with all advisory committee members.


Meetings will be held three times in the 2023-24 school year from 4 to 5:00 p.m. on

Budget Implications:

  • All anticipated budget expenses the advisory committee will be covered through the 2022 sustainability bond fund.


  • In addition to representation on the advisory committee, relevant groups will be targeted to solicit input and provide feedback through focus groups.




SAC Recommendation, June 2023


Previous committee work:

See accordion at bottom of page for 2022-23 SAC purpose and minutes

Sustainability Task Force 2021-22